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November 4th
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Want to Kickstart Your Dream Career?

Would you like to free yourself from feeling stuck in a rut (whether in a job or other mundane routine…) and get clear on understanding who you are, what you are created for and what will fulfill you and make you feel happy and feel full of excitement ready to take on the day when you wake up?
In my experience, most people do not fully engage in life because they do not know why they are here on earth. They go through life on cruise control saying to themselves “This is good enough” and they settle in life for what they think they can have as opposed to going after what they truly desire. As a result, they live a mediocre life, go with the flow and try to keep up with the Jones so they can impress people that don’t really care about them.

Do you identify with either of these:
  • You have been in your job for years and you know your stuff. So much so you are now burned out?
  • You have out grown your current job and don't see a path for promotion or growth?

In This Masterclass, We Will Walk You Through: 

How to Set an Intention

Uncover your gifts and talents so you can move into the perfect career!

The 3 Keys to a Successful Job Search

Identify your Passion(s) in life and how Passion Power will aide you in your search.

Proven Strategies And Techniques

Discover the system that you can use to find the perfect career and anything else you desire in life as well!

In This Masterclass You’ll Learn The Secrets of…

  • How to Get UNSTUCK, Come Out of Stagnation and Confusion and Achieve Clarity on what you should do to have a MEANINGFUL CAREER
  • Secret TRAITS of successful people and master personal PRODUCTIVITY
  • How to REWIRE Your Brain for Success
  • How to feel EXCITED, ENERGETIC & looking forward to work every morning

Who’s Speaking!

Andy Craig | Entrepreneur | Speaker
Andy Craig walks his talk. He left a job that he had worked for over 7 years. Using the techniques shared on this webinar, he followed his Passion in life and found the career path that worked for him and traveled the country providing hundreds of seminars and impacting thousands of people helping them move from Frustration to Freedom.
He has:
  • Published an International Bestselling book, "Passion Power: Discover the 3 Indispensable Keys to Your Success".
  • ​Has been added to Databird's 100 Keynote Speakers list alongside such greats as Jim Britt (Tony Robbins first mentor).
  • Just featured on the cover of In The Know Local magazine.
  • ​Has been featured on the cover of Influence Magazine as an Influence 100 Authority

We see hundreds of people like you

looking to make their next strategic career move each year

Gain the tools required to move from your Day Job to your Dream Job!

Here's What Others Are Saying About Andy Craig

"Inspired Me"

Andy is an awesome speaker! People were taking notes and really paying attention! It was refreshing to see that from a speaker. I will not hesitate to book him for our events!” —Jules Resnik VP Motivational Luncheons

Jules Resnik

VP Motivational Luncheons

"Terrific Idea"

“I found Andy Craig’s presentation to be practical, informative and engaging. He is a gifted speaker. I highly recommend him to organizations seeking to improve productivity.”

Paul Okoruwa

President, ACF

"Great Speaker"

Andy is a great speaker! I’ve spoken all over the world and have seen hundreds of speakers and he is one of the best! You will be very glad you booked him for your event!”

Jack Zufelt

Mentor to Millions

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