Your free gift is on its way to your inbox, but before you go, I have something that will move you out of the job you are FED UP with - even faster!
Your free gift is on its way to your inbox, but before you go, I have something that will move you out of the job you are FED UP with - even faster!

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Unleashing The Superpowers (You May Not Even Know You Have) That May Be Your Ticket Out of A Job That No Longer Serves You!
Unleashing The Superpowers (You May Not Even Know You Have) That May Be Your Ticket Out of A Job That No Longer Serves You!

Discover the Missing Secret to Finding Your Dream Job!

As someone who transitioned from my own dead end day job to my dream job, I have since traveled the United States, providing over 200 seminars and training thousands of individuals I have walked these individuals going from frustration to freedom.
  Max was in a rut. He was a gifted writer, but he had no inspiration. He wanted to complete his novel, but lacked the inner drive required.

  Bill was fed up with his job. What he once enjoyed he now despised. After using this information, he was able to find his dream job.

  I felt burned out and trapped in my day job. I wanted to feel alive again. I searched for jobs both in the company I worked for and other companies. Nothing resonated with me. This information allowed me to focus on what I truly desired. 
  Overnight I went from hopeless to empowered. I was able to search for and find my dream job in which I found meaning and freed me from feeling trapped. I was now able to have the impact on people I desired and empower them.
Chances are, if you are anything life me, you have tried dozens of programs to guide you towards finding or accomplishing goals in your life (such as finding your dream job). Although these programs show you how to set a goal, they don’t identify the level of power driving the goal.

I share with you not only how to set your goal (which you probably already know), but I share with you what is behind the goal and how to measure the emotional energy so you can determine how likely you are to achieve your goal (such as finding your dream job!).
Imagine what your life will feel like when you are able to wake up each morning knowing you are getting ready to work where you belong. Not just because you are employed there, but because it resonates with who you are.
Max came to me and was stuck in a rut with his writing. After going through my system, he was able to shed his shell within 8 weeks and complete his novel.
Bill was burned out and stuck in a dead-end job, using this system he transitioned to his dream job within 3 months.
Introducing the Passionately Pursuing Purpose Training Program.

This program walks you through defining your Purpose in life (so you know what your Dream Job/Career/Business looks like).

Determining whether your Habits are serving you or vice versa

Discovering how you can Own Yourself and much more. You will walk away with clear insight into how you operate so you can move forward in life more quickly and better equipped.

Passionately Pursuing Purpose will walk you through getting clarity what you truly desire in life so you can go after it with laser focus.

Who is this Training Program for?
It is for any person who feel trapped in their current job, is burned out in what they are doing, is seeking a change for any reason or for someone who desires to grow themselves in anyway.

Who is the audio series not for?
If you are happy with where you are in life and have no reason to change anything at all, this is not for you.

Discover why you are here and how that effects what job/career/business you seek.
Uncover your Habits and how they will move you toward your dream job or away from it.
Unveil the secret power in your mind and how it will attract your dream job.

Passionately Pursuing Purpose is normally $497.

It is 6 videos and also include a bonus live audio session where I deliver "3 Ps to Success".

As a bonus, I am also including the audio recording of a chapter I wrote for the book "The Change 3". This is a $17 value.

Additionally, I am including a digital copy of the timeless book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and the audio recording of it. The book and the audio cover how one man (in the middle of the Great Depression) was able to find employment in any area of work he chose. Imagine how that could help you find the employment you are seeking! Both the eBook and the audio are a $114 value!

Lastly, I am including 5 Reports on Purpose, specially designed to walk you through the importance of your Purpose and how it relates to your job. These are valued at a total of $35.

The total value of everything included is $663.

Today, I am making this available to you for only $47! That’s less than 10% of the normal price. However, this offer is only available for the next 15 minutes!

Once your payment is complete, you will receive a link to where you can setup your account and listen to the audios. Just click the button below to get YOUR access to Passionately Pursuing Purpose!
I too found myself stuck in a job after several years that no longer served me. Using the principles discussed in this audio series, I was able to determine what I wanted and find my dream job within 3 months.

•    How long do I have access to this material?
You have lifetime access to the audios.
•    Will I receive updates to the product in the future?
Any updates to the audios are included.

Money Back Guarantee
I have included a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. If this isn’t everything you hoped for, I’ll refund your purchase price.

As amazing as this training program is, I realize I am not the person that speaks into every person alive. I will resonate with many, but not all. If I do not resonate with you, I will refund your purchase.

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